Cynical Chemical

From the Album “The Beautiful Stories” by AdyS, freely available for download.

Instrumental Version
With Vocals (original lyrics, upload by third party)

I thought this was a great song and felt like doing some edits on the lyrics to smoothen up some word hiccups and increase consistency of the rhythm. Obviously I don’t do music, so just take the Instrumental and pretend. My favorite bit is when she starts talking to the girl directly. She’s all like “Screw the narrator role, screw the story I was telling. I’m here with you.”.

AdyS – Cynical Chemical (with subtle edits)

Behind the wall
Lies down a girl waiting for her destiny
Wires coming through her heart and soul
Eyes can’t see and ears can’t hear
What would happen to her
I’m holding her hand
Coldness surrounding
I’m trying to bring her back

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The K-On Quest

I promised posting photos and stores about my glorious trip to Japan a while ago but never got to it. Just now I stumbled upon my big photo collection again, and since it’s 3am and I got nothing better to do, I guess I’ll show off one of my achievements I made during the trip.

The above is a lie though, because I actually took me a year writing this post because I kept stopping midways and then have months of not even thinking about it.

Visiting Toyosato

I got pretty lucky with my choice of staying in Kyoto – Toyosato happened to be nearby, only about an hour away. Long before my trip, when I had just finished watching the K-On anime, I stumbled upon a blog post about the Toyosato Primary School, which was the setting for K-On and has since then turned into a kind of tourist attraction for fans. Seeing a video about it, I thought “that’s so cool!”, not knowing I’d be going there myself in a few months.

Sadly, the JapanRail line only lead to Hikone. Sadly, there were two Hikone stations, one of them being Minami Hikone (South Hikone). Obviously I was dumb and got off South Hikone. What was even more stupid about it, when I looked up the route on the internet earlier at home, I even saw that there’s two Hikone stations and was thinking “oh, I’ll have to watch out about that” – my brain just completely failed me.

My next step would have been the Ohmi Railway line, but obviously the nice guy from the JR information had no idea what the heck I was talking about because my Japanese was pretty bad and “Ohmi Railway wa doko desu ka” wasn’t enough to make them realize I had gotten off too early. He went through the trouble of calling english JR information, and after a while of explaining I got the confirmation that I did indeed get off one station early.

The good thing? All the time spent figuring that out with the nice JR people made it so I only had ten minutes left to wait for the next train to take me to my actual destination. And I mean it, the people were actually really nice.

The rest of the trip went without problems. Just to ensure I was indeed on the train that would stop at Toyosato, I asked one of the passengers something like … “Sumimasen, kono densha wa Toyosato ikimasu ka”, knowing perfectly that the verb conjugation was probably wrong – he did understand me though. All good, going the right way!

When the train was about to arrive at Toyosato, the guy told me another thing: I had to get off at the front of the train and show my ticket to the driver while leaving. Whew, lucky that guy was so nice and attentive. I totally would have gotten off at the back and probably be shot by automatic turrets or something.

Anyways, I’ve finally arrived. Hello, Toyosato!


A big photo of a sign saying Toyosato.

Arriving in Toyosato

When you leave the Toyosato station, you find yourself in a small, landly town with barely any people around. You will instead be greeted by these little weirdos that can be found all over the place.


Nodoka on her way to school

On top of that, there was lots of K-On posters (and some other anime that I don’t know yet) all around on store windows. Apparently these people are having big events at the school to celebrate the characters birthdays. That’s so weirdly cool.


Celebrating birthdays of a parallel world.

I didn’t have mobile internet and there weren’t any public WLAN hotspots; I also didn’t look up the path to the Toyosato Primary School (because why would I, that would be such a dumb idea), so I decided to simply follow the trail of figures spread across the streets. So far, so good. I walked quite a while and met some familiar faces such as Hatsune Miku, and eventually I’ve also seen some beautiful spots, such as this:


Birds doing water things.

Crossing the bridge to the other side was actually quite an adventure. There weren’t many people around in the city, but all the cars seemed to tunnel up at this bridge; and anyone who’s ever been to Japan knows that walkways can be pretty non-existant at times. That bridge was one of those cases and I had to run accross during a small moment of silence to not be run over by some mad driver. Yes, I actually *did* run across in a dramatic cutscene.


Bridge that’s clearly not made for pedestrians. Should just swim across instead.

I followed the path after that bridge, which curved to the right…kept curving…and got me right back to a bridge over the river I just crossed. Insert epic bridge-crossing cutscene, again. I’ve been walking around for *at least* an hour now, probably more. At this point, I had seen half the town – but it was the half that didn’t have the school I was looking for. I followed the streets towards the other direction now, getting into a more busy area. There was even a WcDonalds here.

Insert more walking,  lots of wind (I swear, it almost sent me flying), more beautiful places, Toyosato Hospital (twice, because I somehow walked in circles) and FINALLY:


The School. The Goal. I finally found it.

Toyosato Primary School. Well, it’s no longer used as such, but that’s what it was before it got turned into a multi-purpose building and K-On shrine. Despite me going there in the middle of the week, during school hours, I ran into a guy who was visiting as well (the person ruining my otherwise perfect shot of the school).

First of all, the area looked unsurprisingly beautiful. Literally every place I’ve seen in Japan looked beautiful. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. It’s just all so clean and orderly. It’s nowhere near like this where I come from.


Where I came from, from the inside.

Like most Japanese buildings, you had to take off your shoes at the entrance. I think they offered slippers (though that might have been another place), but Big-Foot-Me wouldn’t fit in them, so I went to explore in socks! The target location, obviously, the music room, where the anime girls do their practice. The stairway up looked pretty much like it did in K-On, including the turtles on the handrail. There were also bunnies, which appears to be the animal symbol of Toyosato. Both of them were oppressed in their rights within the school, though.


Thank you for understanding.

Anyways, upstairs it goes, found the music room. I’ll just post a bunch of pictures in a row, because there’s so many.


A bench with a seat for each of the K-On girls. Plus slippers.


Drawing of Jun (is that a helmet in front?)


I just realized those aren’t just pictures, but playing cards of K-On in the background. o_o


I think this was in the middle between the upper two pictures.


Poster from the amazing Come with Me!! live concert, hidden in the corner of the room.


Fake Cake and cookies. With a sign saying “don’t touch. don’t eat.”. Someone touched (or ate?) as you can tell by the broken can on the right.


Art people being artish.


More artsiness on the whiteboard.


Piano with K-On music sheets





So amazing. Why? Because this is all fan-made. I think it’s really awesome that these people were moved to create and spread so much love and passion. They made me smile, and hopefully someone will see this post and I’ll make them smile. Spreading happiness, yay!


Another perspective of the water spilling thing.

Back outside. There’s two more buildings. I should check those too! So I did. On the right of the school building is the auditorium. This is where the K-On girls were holding their performances.

Also I really want to get this post out already and I’m getting sleepy, so I’ll be quick.


It looks so tiny!


It IS tiny!!

The other side had a Toyosato / K-On related souvenir store. I didn’t take any photos in there as it’s not allowed in most stores, but they had a corner in the back with lots of awesome K-On stuff that was donated to be presented there. I bought a Ritsu shirt (which is still my favourite shirt to wear) and a Ritsu pendant. And no, I don’t have a thing for Ritsu. What would make you think that?


It was nice meeting you, Toyosato Elementary School. But it’s not over yet. There was these figures spread out all over the town that I showed at the very beginning, remember? I still had time to spend and I decided I would try and find them all. So once again I found myself walking through half the town, searching for them. It was fun and exhausting! I ended up finding a K-On merch store, but it was past closing time already, which was probably good, because it could have made me broke very quickly. Anyways, here are the results of my search. To this day, I was unable to find Ritsu. I wonder if she’s hiding somewhere. She might also be skipping school or staying home sick though. But yeah, that’s it. I started writing this post in May 2015, then continued in July, then November, then February, then March, and finally, in April I rushed through and finished it, since I need to get it done before I go to Japan again, which is in like five days.


I don’t even know.


Generic guy.

Generic young guy.

Generic young guy.

Another generic guy.

Another generic guy.

Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku

Found this poor girl in a back alley. I think she's being bullied, judging by her broken leg.

Found this poor girl in a back alley. I think she’s being bullied, judging by her broken leg.

I don't know who this is.

I don’t know who this is.



Mio feat. ... Basketball?

Mio feat. … Basketball?

Nodoka again, for completeness sake.

Nodoka again, for completeness sake.

I don't know who this is.

I don’t know who this is.

Mugi, I think!

Mugi. The only one with eyebrows.

I don't know who this is.

I don’t know who this is.

I don't know who this is.

I don’t know who this is.

Yui feat. Sandwich

Yui feat. Sandwich



I don't know who this is.

I don’t know who this is.

Still scared.

A bunch of things have happened since my last gender-related post. I started telling my family about the gender dysphoria I’ve been experiencing. I’m lucky enough to have supportive and open-minded family members, so while it was still crazy hard to ask to be called by female pronouns from now on, it really wasn’t all that much of a big deal. It will take time to fix their habits, but I don’t feel bad correcting them because I know they are fine with it and accept me as me.

I’m not in contact with any of the people I’ve used to be friends with in school anymore and the only people I’d consider friends live on the other side of the world. I honestly don’t know if they know about it. I have no idea if they’re reading my Twitter or blog. I mean, I’ve told them way back when we’ve been playing online games together that I couldn’t roleplay male characters simply because I couldn’t identify myself as them, because I wouldn’t know *how* to play them. But I never directly let them know that it’s actually been getting worse (especially when I switched from an androgynous avatar to a male one to appear more professional). And I honestly don’t know how I’m supposed to let them know other than having them randomly stumble across my Twitter or blog, because I don’t know how they’d react if I were to tell them myself. I’m scared.

I’m scared of being judged, scared of asking too much of people. Scared of being looked at as a weirdo while they pretend everything’s alright.

I’ve barely let all the internet people I interact with know. A random blog post five months ago. A sneaky bio update. Another sneaky bio update. It’s quite likely that many people have no clue. In my last post I’ve also mentioned that “I’d hate to be a burden on people, so I don’t expect anyone to change the way they address me.” , and it holds true, I hate asking people to adapt to my changing nature, but the more I start accepting myself, the more my family starts accepting myself – the more it messes with my brain to be adressed using male pronouns. It just doesn’t feel right anymore. And I wish I had the courage to correct people, and to let people know that it really makes me feel uncomfortable. But I’m still scared.

It’s been a while since she’s last been in such a peaceful place. The wind was gently breezing through her blonde hair, which gleamed in an almost surreal manner in the bright sun. On her bare feet she tiptoed through this quiet grove, listening to the calming sound of water flowing from a nearby stream. This place was perfect; and every second that passed, she noticed more of its beauty. In the distance she saw butterflies cheerfully dancing along with the wind.

To fly, to be part of the sky…wouldn’t that be awesome?

That’s when her feet drifted off the ground. She looked down, floating in the air now; surprised, but then with a growing amount of joy. She remembered: she can fly. Nothing has ever stopped her from doing so. She just never realized it, though she knew she has flown like this before. It was a bit hard to control it at first, but the higher she raised up in the air, the more confident she started to feel.

The clouds… I want to touch the clouds.

She looked up. The sky was clear.

Not only cloudless, no – the sun itself had disappeared. As if it was waiting for her to notice, she was suddenly surrounded by darkness. What had been a gentle breeze before has taken on intensity, making her lose the control she only just gained. For a while she was just floating, being shaken around by an indecisive stream of wind, and a feeling of uneasiness overcame her the higher it carried her. After a short while of desperately trying to escape these unnatural claws, eventually all movement stopped at once. In the course of just one second, complete silence was achieved. Then, she started falling. At this point, she couldn’t move at all anymore, helplessly being subject to her fate. She couldn’t see the ground, but she could feel it coming closer. Her thoughts were just a mix of confusion and fear by now. She couldn’t think clearly anymore.

Impact. Shattering glass. She woke up.

Source: Untitled // blay09


7. February 2016

It’s weird how perception changes as you achieve higher results. Nowadays, to me, a download count of a hundred seems small, like it’s not good enough. I tend to forget that it’s not just a number that, in relation to other mods is indeed small, but actual people – human lives making use of what I’ve created. If I can’t even see that for my mods with fewer downloads, how could I possibly make my brain realize that Cooking for Blockheads has surpassed a hundred thousand downloads in a single version?


Thank you to everyone who enjoys my creations. I really love making mods.

Gender Issues

I’m struggling with gender dysphoria and going by both pronouns (he/she) at the moment. Sorry for the confusion. I’d hate to be a burden on people, so I don’t expect anyone to change the way they address me. I’m just trying to prevent any more awkward situations from happening when the two parties (he/she) collide with each other.
This whole thing is really dumb and I wish I could have avoided this, but after going female on Twitter people kind of picked up on it, while pretty much everyone has gotten to know me as a ‘he’ before.
I myself am not quite in terms with my brain yet, so I usually just try to avoid referring to myself at all. That’s all the important bits, the rest of this post will be random rambling to convince myself to actually publish this.

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Learning UE4 in the November Game Jam – Post Mortem

At the end of last month I subscribed to the Unreal Engine just to try it out, as I’ve heard plenty of good things about it in comparison to other engines.
To be honest, the thought of a monthly subscription always turned me off. I’m not a fan of practically being bound for life, as in, keep paying or you lose your tools. I’m fine with paying for my tools, but if I’d ever get to the point where I’d run out of money and thus would also end up losing the tool of my trade, I’d be pretty fucked.

That prejudice changed when I found a post on the answerhub saying you’re allowed to keep using the last version you got. I hadn’t heard of that anywhere on the UE4 website, maybe because they’re worried about people using it as an oppurtunity to ‘buy’ a really powerful engine (AND access to it’s source code) for 19 euros.


UE4 AnswerHub

Anyways, that was when I instantly decided to go ahead – a small investment is worth it if I end up with a good engine that helps me get more efficient at making games, and if I’d end up not liking it as much, I could just end the subscription right away and move on with my life. The thing is, I did end up liking it. I loved it and was pretty hyped about using it, but somehow, I made no progress. I went through a few tutorials on youtube (the documentation on some parts of Unreal Engine are really good), worked a little with the C++ directly, found out about the easy in-built networking, did things, did other things, but all I ended up with was a platformer that was buggy in multiple places and had nothing to do. I got sick in real life and dropped it for now, saying I would get back to it right when I recover.

Not quite recovered yet, but pretty rested from a week off-time from my real-life-job, I randomly encountered the Unreal Engine livestream, and they were talking about some Game Jam theme they’d be announcing. I quickly read up on it, stocked up on coding supplies, and spontaneously decided in that same hour that I’d join.

Two Birds With One Stone

Theme Announcement

Oh shit. What kind of theme is that? What am I supposed to do with that? Maybe I should take it literally. Two birds using a stone as a weapon…but no, everyone will do that. Just hitting two targets with one projectile? That’s so obvious though… Oh, maybe some game where you only have one bullet and you have to use it wisely..?

Screw that, I’ll go my usual path. Continue the Eiradirian series I do in Ludum Dare, think of a story, setting and background for the game, then incorporate the theme with it.
Eiradirian Instability was born, with the cute lil’ droid R1C0, who’s known to have this Gynkese Sniper weapon that’s really powerful. If we just have this weapon beam reflect on the platforms, we’re good, right? You’ll hit multiple targets at once. Add a little humorous note to the tutorial to make it more obvious, and we’re set: our game now follows the theme of the jam. Time to make it awesome.


…wasn’t there a saying for that?

Things went really well from then on. GameJams are indeed the times where I’m most productive. I worked way too many hours a day and didn’t sleep at all at the last night, but I had so much fun. It felt like it was the first time I actually made a game, rather than an engine. I’ve never scripted more complex enemies than just “see -> shoot”. In Instability, each enemy has different behaviour and there’s three bosses with three different methods of killing and surviving them.


The three bosses: Envy, Fear and Power.

I was actually given graphics for two more bosses by my artist, Konrad Knox, but in the end didn’t have enough time to implement them. But hey, I guess three bosses is already more than most jam game has to offer; I should be spending all remaining time testing and tweaking the game, making it more fun. I revamped the health and death system multiply times throughout development. In the game, you level up into stronger forms on a certain number of kills. In the first version, every time you were hit, that level resetted. It got way too hard to actually stay on higher tiers, so I made crouching work the same way as blocking: reducing damage and also preventing the level-loss on hit. It made it a little less harder, but you still weren’t quite able to enjoy the higher tiers, because eventually you wouldn’t be able to block fast enough, get hit, and start from the beginning – and it took a lot longer to get back to Tier 5 than it took to lose all your progress.

Eventually, I ended up with the semi-final version: whenever your health reached zero, you were sent back to tier one. It wasn’t hard anymore now, in fact, the game got too easy. The real problem was the lack of death in the game. Even if you’d get beaten up, you’d only get weaker, there was no way to actually lose. So I did the final change to the health system: if you’re on a higher tier and reach zero health, you get degraded to tier one. If you are on tier one and reach zero health, you’re dead. Game over. This finally added some tension to the gameplay, as you now had to make sure to stay on higher tiers to prevent accidentally getting killed by one of the ruthless enemies.

Add some nice particle effects here and there, play a little with the music based on game state, quickly put together a map in the last three hours of the jam, and we ended up with this as the end result:

Finally, a little review of what went right and what went wrong:

  • Blueprint Scripting is amazing – unless it comes to math operations. At those points I wish I had just coded it, but I was worried that if I’d touch the C++ code I’d end up making an engine in an engine again.
  • There needs to be more documentation on the AI system. I tried using it, but I barely found anything about it on the internet and didn’t want to waste time with it during a jam. I ended up making it the most codey-way possible – by keeping track of enemy states and state time and just switch that on tick.
  • I’m not used to relying and trusting on an engine yet. Throughout the whole time I was kinda worried that the editor would crash, corrupt my files and ruin everything for me. That’s just a fear for me that comes with assets being stored in their own custom file format.
  • The mouse position is not regularly updated in the packaged release it seems, making your aiming get stuck at times. This didn’t happen in the editor and has a negative effect on gameplay, so I was a little sad.

I honestly can’t wait for the next jam. I considered joining Indies vs. PewDiePie this weekend, but I don’t want to burn myself out by just having a week break in between two jams, so I guess I’ll patiently wait until Ludum Dare comes around and read up on the things I had problems with during the jam. And then I’ll be livestreaming it again, and I’ll be making something amazing again. Because  making things is fun.

The Ninth Night – 2014

As promised a while ago, I am doing this every year; on that very special day where my age promptly does a jump based on a human-measured interval, commonly known as ‘birthday’.

I have decided to change the format of these posts. First of all, I got it a new name. The old one was too much of a ‘oh-well-it’s-2-am-and-it’s-my-birthday-let’s-write-a-blog-post-chop-chop’ creation. From now on it shall be called ‘The Ninth Night’, as a reference to my name and incidentally that, in most cases, today can indeed be considered the ninth night of August, as long as you disregard the other two.

Apart from just the name, I’m also not just gonna list a Best of this time. That wouldn’t even work well, as I apparently barely watched, played or read anything this year. Instead I’m going to split the post into nine (yes, it really is the nine again) small topics and just write whatever I feel like talking about.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 (Game) [minor Season 1 Spoilers]

During the summer sale, I have finally bought The Walking Dead: Season 2 a few months after it came out. I don’t regret it at all. The fact that I haven’t played many games might make this sound like a bit of an understatement, but this game was clearly this year’s best of it’s kind once again. I felt completely immersed into the story right away. It’s pretty awesome that you’re now playing the character you kinda shaped and ‘raised’ in Season 1 – as if you’re roleplaying with yourself from the past. Episode 3 was my favorite, episode 4 was my least favorite, as the forced progression of the storyline got quite noticeable near the end (otherwise the game’s been doing a good job at hiding this from the initial player and making it feel like the player is indeed shaping the story). Looking forward to episode 5. I am a little worried about what to expect from the ending. I doubt it’ll take the same direction as Season 1’s ending, so it’ll either end with everyone dead or ‘everyone’ alive. In both cases, this is most likely gonna be Clementine’s last performance though.

The Most Peaceful Anime Intro
Non Non Biyori.

I watched it because of the Dr. Nyanpasu song and the intro
scene was among the best I’ve seen so far. The scene itself doesn’t seem to be on Youtube, so I can only link to the audio – which is totally worth it by itself too.

Non Non Biyori Flute Theme

Damn. Screw all evil in this world.
Make every single human watch this anime and we’ll achieve world peace in no time.

osu!mania mania

A few months (woah) ago I noticed I was doing pretty good on osu!mania national scoreboards. I kinda started playing it every day and it really showed in my skill. Passages that seemed impossible suddenly became no big deal. Nowadays my fingers smash the keyboard accurately to the patterns while my brain goes into “osu-mode”. On fast maps I always get impressed by how fast I still manage to press the right keys. The progress I have made from when I started playing osu!mania is really amazing.

osu!mania Performance chart

A graph that shows how awesome I am

Recently I got into the top #150 of my national rankings (I’m already at #152 again now). I plan to continue improving and make my way further up. Because it’s fun to play and fun to get better.

A special thing about my playing style is that I don’t use the space key. I play 7k maps with 6 fingers. It seems to be a rather unusual style (?), understandably, as 7k maps are mostly made assuming seven fingers, since the majority is playing like that. But I started with 6-on-7 and find it a lot more fun. I tried out a layout with space, but it kinda misses the action for me then.
I want to move my fingers around the keyboard like a maniac when playing – that’s when I can feel epic about perfecting that sequence of a particular song. And it seems to work just fine so far.

Real-Life Things

Last year I finished school. This year I finished what’s called a ‘voluntary social year’. Basically you work for less than minimum wage for a year, accompanied by a few horribly organized seminars and free food during these. I was really tired of learning, pressure and stress caused by school, so I decided to do that instead of moving on to university straight away. Luckily, I got into our local red cross paramedics school. Compared to what other volunteers had to put up with (nursing homes, hospitals – you heard plenty of bad things during the seminars), the work there was really good. On top of that, I even got involved in working on a software development project along with the IT section as part of my social year project. Now that it’s nearing it’s end, I’ve applied for a bachelor degree course and will be getting the response to that in a few days. The best thing is that, unlike right after school, I am now absolutely willing to go learn again. Plan succeeded (there was no real plan, it just kinda happened this way).

Shinobu-chan, whyyyyy?

Shinobu (New)

Shinobu when the writer got horny (Nisemonogatari)

Do I really have to say more? Fanservice ruined another character.
From serious, secluded and occasionally badass to sarcastic tsundere loli. Well done.

Shinobu (Old)

Shinobu before she got bored (Bakemonogatari)

But it really wasn’t just that. Compared to Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari was a huge pile of crap. The first one could at least be taken seriously and had a pretty good mood – the second one was utterly disappointing in all aspects, but mostly story and characters. Three (?) arcs all around the main character’s sisters, who have only been ‘less-than-even-side-characters’ before. The actual characters from Bakemonogatari completely disappeared, both from their screen-time and, considering they got absurd new looks (guess why…), from existence at all. I can only hope the manga or other seasons went a better path than this. It wasn’t too bad before it got ruined. But until I can check that out, I need to heal my mind from the crazy shit they did to Shinobu.



Truth and Lies // Schrödinger’s Human

I discovered a new vocaloid who has proven to be my favorite. Kaai Yuki’s voice actually sounds like it has a personality behind it. I’ve been missing that from all the other vocaloids and their generally high-pitched voices. Of course it’s also the array of songs she was used in. Most of Yuki’s songs (at least the ones I know) have a kinda dark theme; they’re just more serious than taking off your panties to feel like becoming an adult. My favorite song would be Hako, a 9-minute piece with an instrumental that’s epic by itself behind it. I had to search for the instrumental-only version quite a while – eventually I ended up fighting my way through some japanese art site and managed to register an account to download it. You’re gonna have to cope with the vocal version though:

Kaai Yuki – Hako

More great songs sung by her are Rugrats TheoryI am living, Calalini, Dark Shugakusei, and After School.


Yes, I’m going to write a few words about my favorite topic too. As things stand, I am leaving active Eiradir development by the end of this month. When I started working on it almost three (?) years ago I didn’t expect it to eat so much of my time. Of course, most of the time was wasted on re-doing things as I got better with Java and programming in general, but overall the Eiradirian spirit has kinda died for me. I still want to play the game very badly – I have several characters in mind, several stories I want to play out and share with everyone, and I really hope I will someday be able to do so. But for now, I need to move on to more important things. I need to work on projects with a broader audience than what Eiradir has to offer. I am planning to leave the game in a state where the other developers can take over and from then on only do minor background work whenever I feel like it (instead of working basically ‘full-free-time’ on it).

But since that all kinda sounded too negative, I’m going to give a spoiler on our re-made worldmap that is currently in the works:

Eiradir World Map

Eiradir: New World Map (WIP)

Story Time (aka Blay’s Bad Non-Native Drama Writings)

There used to be a part of my writings here, but I’ve figured that they offer too much of an insight into my mind and thus decided to take it down. Sorry to crush your hopes. If you want to read my writings, become a close friend of mine or figure out the secret identity I post them under.

Nine topics to talk about can be quite hard to find, but luckily there’s still the outro left

But if the outro counts towards the nine topics, wouldn’t that mean the intro is also one of them? The answer is no. Due to the way this post is laid out (headline – text – headline – text, …), the outro needs to be somehow separated from the section above; unlike the intro, which is simply at the top of the post. This could have been done using a horizontal line, but a headline works just as well. Therefore, we have nine headlines, and fulfill the requirements for a Ninth Night post. See you next year.