# Frequently Asked Questions

# Permissions

# Can I use your mod in a modpack?

All of my mods may be used in modpacks, please do not ask for express permission.

# Can I repost your mod on a Chinese/Japanese/... etc. forum?

You are allowed to translate the mod description and repost it on your local forum. Please indicate that it's an not an official post and please do not ask for express permission.

# Can I use your mod in a video?

All of my mods may be used in videos, please do not ask for express permission.

# Ideas & Commissions

# I have a great idea for a new mod

Feel free to post it on our Discord server. Please do not send me mod ideas via DM.

# I have a great idea for a new feature in mod X

Please submit it on the appropriate GitHub issue tracker.

# I have a great wallet and want to pay you to make me a mod

Sorry, I don't do commissions.

# Porting

# Can you port to Fabric?

No, my mods are only available for Forge and I have no plans of changing that at the moment. Do not ask because you will be ignored.

# Can you backport to Minecraft 1.x.x please?

No, I only backport fixes for crashes and game-breaking bugs when necessary. New features will never be backported.

# Are you going to update your mod to Minecraft 1.x.x?

Yes, unless the mod is marked as unmaintained on CurseForge.

# When will this mod get ported? When will this feature be added?

Tomorrow. Stop asking for ETAs unless you pay me large sums of money.

# Mod-specific

# Can I connect an Applied Energistics/Refined Storage network to my kitchen?

No, and it is very unlikely to ever happen.

# Can I connect Storage Drawers to my kitchen?

In Minecraft 1.12+ yes, but due to technical reasons, you can only connect the actual drawers, not a drawer controller.

# Can you provide less modern looking models for the kitchen?

No, maintaining one set of models is already hard enough. In newer versions, nearly everything should be replaceable through resource packs, and I'm open to work with resource pack creators in order to fix any remaining issues.

# Other

# Thank you for answering all these questions. To be honest, I've kind of fallen in love with you. How do I give you money to show just how deep my appreciation is?

You can support me on Patreon (opens new window), subscribe on Twitch (opens new window) or donate via Streamlabs (opens new window).

Patreon supporters and Twitch subscribers can link their Minecraft account (opens new window) to become an Auto Sieve skin in Ex Compressum.