# #excompressum:bait Bait

Ex Compressum adds a bunch of Baits that can each be placed to force an animal spawn, as long as some environmental conditions are fulfilled.

# Crafting

If the Ex Nihilo mod used adds grass seeds, the Sheep Bait will require Grass Seeds rather than Wheat Seeds.

# Spawn Conditions

For a bait to result in an animal spawn, a few conditions must be fulfilled. You can see whether your environment is suitable by right-clicking the bait.

Baits that are ready to spawn an animal will also have smoke particles going off from them.

Even once the conditions are fulfilled, it can take anywhere up to three minutes (or longer if you're really unlucky) for the spawn to occur.

  • At least 10 blocks from the animal's home environment must be in a 5x3x5 area around the bait
  • At least one block of water must be in an area of 5x5 blocks around the bait
  • There must not be more than 2 animals in a 10x10 area around the bait - animals are shy creatures, you know
  • There must be no player in an area of 6x6 blocks around the bait - you will scare the animals away!

# Home Environment

# Wolf, Cow, Pig, Chicken, Sheep and Rabbit

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# Ocelot

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# Squid