# #excompressum:heavy_sieve Heavy Sieve

The Heavy Sieve allows sifting of Compressed Blocks with a small loss. It requires a suitable mesh to function.

# Crafting

# Usage

Right-clicking the Heavy Sieve with a mesh will insert it. It can be retrieved by shift-right-clicking the block with an empty hand.

Once a mesh has been inserted, the sieve can be right clicked with siftable blocks to sift them.

# Ex Nihilo

In Ex Nihilo Omnia, an [Iron Mesh](excompressum:Iron Mesh) is required to sift blocks. Any lower level mesh will break instantly on use in a Heavy Sieve.

In Ex Nihilo Adscensio, any mesh will work, as meshes in Adscensio have no durability and only split the loot table.

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